What happens in the body during exercise?

Muscles burn more oxygen during exercise, releasing more heat.
Breathing and heart rate grow faster to deliver more oxygen 
to the working muscle.
Sweating increases as the body tries to cool down. But sweating often isn’t enough to keep body temperature from rising.
Fatigue can result from the high energy output, lack of fuel supply, or elevated body temperature.

What can dhamaSPORT do for you?

You’re running your marathon, you’re a few miles in and heating up. Your breath starts coming faster. Sweat starts streaming down, your body working overtime to try to keep you cool. You start tiring and getting dehydrated. The heat you’re generating tires your brain out as well. You reach a water station and drink some, pour some over yourself and sigh in relief as you cool down. It does’t last long, but it helps.

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A few minutes later, you’re heating up again and its sapping your energy quickly.

You switch on your trusted dhamaSPORT. Its patented Climacon technology leaps to work in seconds, sucking up your excess body heat through your wrist and cooling you better than the water did.  Within minutes, you start sweating less, running easier and feeling much cooler and more focused.

Since it’ll last upto 4 hrs depending on the power you have it on, it settles down to work, pulling away your heat as you generate it. You soak it with water whenever you drink some and just enjoy the race. You check your time and pace and are pleasantly surprised that you are going to beat your Personal Record.

The dhamaSPORT accelerates the body’s natural cooling mechanism.
 It removes body heat from the blood passing through the wrist.
 This cooling effect postpones the onset of fatigue and maintains mental alertness.
 Postponing fatigue means y
ou are able to perform at peak performance longer, resulting in greater endurance.

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What  powers dhamaSPORT

dhamaSPORT is powered by patented Climacon technology. ClimaCon® technology incorporates novel and efficient heat transport mechanisms that remove/add heat to provide thermal comfort to the body. It adapts principles of Peltier effect, embedding thermoelectric unit with the geometrically optimized heat sinks. Highly efficient thermoelectric unit accompanied with high heat transfer coefficients is the engine that drives the system.

Effects of pre-cooling and post-cooling on athletic performance and recovery

There is an ample body of literature supporting the use of pre-cooling and post-cooling on athletic performance and recovery.

  1. Periodic heat extraction from the wrist has been shown to improve strength training responses and mitigate fatigue onset.
  2. Pre & post cooling improves cycling performance.
  3. It has been demonstrated to serve as a recovery tool from heat stress
  4. Reduces thermal strain and improved markers of muscular damage and discomfort among bowlers, while maintaining medium-fast bowling performance on consecutive days in hot conditions.
  5. Following pre-cooling, rugby players were able to sprint for greater distances.
  6. Following post cooling, a group of firefighters experienced improved recovery during a short period of rest and prolonged performance time in subsequent bouts of exercise.
  7. Wrist cooling reduced heat strain, measured through changes in core, mean skin, mean body temperatures, and thermal sensation in resting hyperthermic subjects;
  8. It delayed fatigue during high-intensity bench press exercise; and also during resistance exercise in women.

dhamaSPORT delivers these benefits better than any other technique or product in the market, because of its powerful technology and its unique ability to be used pre, post and DURING an activity.

Experience the dhamaEFFECT yourself whether in work, sports or life in general.

We had Wingate and Astrand tests performed on 67 Pro athletes with and without dhamaSPORT to measure and prove its impact. Check out  the results. They’re fascinating:

In all athletes tested, the increase in power and VO2 max when using the dhamaSPORT is very ample, indicating very significant  improvement in performance. Learn more here.

dhamaSPORT has also been tested at Orange Fitness Theory gym to prove its effect resulting in more calorie burn and thus higher splat points.

Learn more here.