dhamaSPORT™ engine ejects heat out from body’s natural quick cooling point, thus cooling body faster,
improving the power output and endurance

simmonsScott Simmons Head Coach of the American Distance Project and Coach of U.S. Olympians, utilized the dhamaSPORT to great effect at the Summer Olympic Games in Rio where the ability to pre-cool core temperature in extreme conditions and to effectively accelerate recovery after competition was a game changer in managing fatigue and achieving peak performance.

What’s even more exciting is that the IAAF Technical committee has approved the use of dhamaSPORT in competition which opens up a whole new world in core temperature control in extreme conditions.

Christine Kennedy; Professional Distance Runner

“As a masters women’s runner, time is of the essence. In November, 2015 I added a sixth crown to my wins, running a 1:27:26 half marathon while wearing dhamaUSA’s latest product – dhamaSPORT. My time was 15 minutes under the old course record for women in my age division. Not once did I become overheated, and by mile nine I felt just as refreshed as I did during mile two! The day after the race I felt as if I hadn’t even run, due to the product’s amazing recovery benefits. dhamaSPORT has become crucial in my recovery plan, and it enhances all of the aspects I rely on for success. I can’t rave enough about this product and encourage all my friends to test it out for themselves.“

Paul Tyson; Professional Runner

“Used the sport during my second leg of my full marathon and with a head wind I actually outpaced my first half times.  Really felt a difference in my fatigue and body temp. Thanks for the demo and can’t wait to have my own.“