Lucas ParkerCrossFit Games Athlete

“I’ve been using this dhamaUSA wrist-mounted recovery device for a while now; it’s helpful! It has a cooling panel that lowers the temperature of the blood traveling through the wrist…aiding your body’s natural recovery needs. In my travels, I’ve also found it INCREDIBLY useful in airplanes and taxis…if you get hot and sweaty like I do during travel, it’s a lifesaver!

Thank God I have my dhamaSPORT wristband; it has helped me chill out after a workshop, avoid overheating in the car/airplane, aided in my recovery, and lowered my core temp before bed to aid in a good night’s sleep.”


Daniel TyminskiCrossFit Games Athlete

“Have been working with this new product that helps you prolong your workouts – dhamaSPORT prevents over-heating which causes fatigue and exhaustion. Totally wish I had this during Murph at the CrossFit games. The dhamaSPORT works great in hot conditions, I like it on the coldest settings – brings my core temperature down crazy fast.”


Christen WagsCrossFit Games Athlete

“Overheating is often my limiting factor in workouts, which negatively affects my performance. I have had several heat-related injuries in the past from military training and personal endeavors, leaving me more susceptible to the effects of heat. I was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to try out the dhamaUSA dhamaSPORT thermoregulatory wristband at Wodapalooza, and I’ve been using it in my training ever since!

The wristband cools my core temperature during and after workouts, which makes me feel mentally and physically strong. I absolutely love the dhamaSPORT and the increased drive I have in my workouts while wearing it! After using dhamaSPORT for the first time, I was absolutely hooked! I feel physically stronger and more resilient in longer workouts where I typically would feel fatigue and nausea.”


Jeff EvansCrossfit Games Athlete

“Getting lean and mean! I can’t remember the last time I have done some heavy snatches like that. The last two months I have been focusing on more DBall, Yoke, Deadlift, GHD Situps, and T2B to strengthen my core. Down 17 lbs and still banging 305# out! Been working out 18 days straight with no burnout.”